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Amal is smart, funny, outspoken, a good student, and a loyal friend She is also a devout Muslim who decides to wear the hijab, or head covering, full time The story tells of her emotional and spiritual journey as she copes with a mad crush on a boy, befriends an elderly Greek neighbor, and tries to help a friend who aspires to be a lawyer but whose well intentioned mother is trying to force her to leave school and get married Amal is also battling the misconceptions of non Muslims about her religion and culture While the novel deals with a number of serious issues, it is extremely funny and entertaining, and never preachy or forced The details of Amal s family and social life are spot on, and the book is wonderful at showing the diversity within Muslim communities and in explaining why so many women choose to wear the hijab Amal is an appealing and believable character She trades verbal jibes with another girl, she is impetuous and even arrogant at times, and she makes some serious errors of judgment And by the end of the story, she and readers come to realize that Putting on the hijab isn t the end of the journey It s just the beginning of it....

Title : Does My Head Look Big in This?
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Does My Head Look Big in This? Reviews

  • James R. Gilligan
    2019-04-02 15:43

    Contemporary Young Adult fiction has developed a greater sense of sophistication and maturity in its approach to a wide range of issues that concern adolescents in meaningful ways—race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, violence, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse (among other themes) are examined sensitively and plausibly in any number of well written works of Young Adult literature. The topic of religion, however, consistently challenges writers of YA fiction. I’ve yet to come across a novel that features religion and faith as integral narrative elements and issues that profoundly affect characters in ways that compel them to develop and think independently. *Does My Head Look Big in This?* comes pretty close but falls somewhat short.

  • Kara Neal
    2019-04-09 16:00

    I read this book for a reading challenge and found it absolutely delightful. The teenage voice was just sassy and sarcastic enough to be hilarious. The main character dealt with many issues, not just her faith and decision to wear hijab full time. Through it all, she learned a lot about herself. I admire her being woman enough to not only stand up for her faith, but also for her friends and convictions, but most of all to admit to herself and others when she's wrong. This is why reading challenges are good. Ordinarily I would not likely choose a young adult novel about a Muslim teen. I am so glad I did. Although my faith is different and my age is three times Amal's and then some, there is a lot I can learn from her character. Well done!

  • Shafiya Naher
    2019-04-05 10:47

    I LOVED this book. It's a YA fiction novel about female empowerment, cultural & religious acceptance, and a wonderful depiction of how the hijab is viewed by many Muslim woman as a tool for self-expression and independence that empowers them in many, many ways. It's a beautiful (and funny) telling of how a young adolescent Muslim girl fights her oppression and the bigotry that she's faced with by standing up for what she believes in. The writing is also really good, albiet a little too teenagery at times, and the book has wonderful about self-identity and self-respect, messages that I think are important for any teen girl, no matter what their cultural or religious background.

  • aneesa
    2019-04-12 15:32

    Fun, easy read with a light take on Hijabi issues, but deep enough to make you see the struggle that Hijabis go through. It is often the inner turmoil and choice that is harder to deal with than external critique. The books highlights what a personal choice wearing the Hijab is.

  • ritawil
    2019-04-01 16:01

    This is an engaging YA novel, particularly for girls. While the content is particularly powerful for Muslims, the identity issues the narrator struggles with are universally relatable. The novel gives the reader perspective on faith and identity, as well as being a member of a minority in a majority culture. This is all done with great humor.

  • Christin Edwards
    2019-04-24 13:57

    I'm a 30 year old convert to Islam, although I've become completely confident in my Islamic attire... I have 2 daughters who are becoming of age where they must pray, cover etc.. And I think this book will boost their cconfidence in doing what is expected of them as Muslim girls. I find this story so intriguing but I can't understand why her parents were stand offish about her wearing the veil.. I would be stoked! So cares what ppl think! Wear your veils proudly ladies, your beautiful!

  • Olin Elliott
    2019-03-30 13:41

    A fun, sensitive book for readers of all ages.

  • Chris Christiano
    2019-04-20 13:42

    Good book!