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Volume 4 The People The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh, author of The War in the Air We all marvel at the miracle of flight, but without the human pilot, all those pretty metal curves are nothing but inanimate objects lying dead and dormant on the tarmac In his latest volume of true tales from the sky, Eric Cap n Aux Auxier celebrates these intrepid pilots and their stories Once again, Cap n Aux puts YOU in the driver s seat at 30,000 feet More stories, photos, guest authors, love, laughs and tears, in an adventure spanning over 3 decades in the sky In the final volume of this series, Cap n Aux features over 10 aviation personalities, who spin their own adrenaline pumping yarns Only difference is, these tall tales are true Eric Auxier is a Captain for a major U.S airline, with over 22,000 hours of flying He is the author of 9 books, including the Top 100 Breakthrough novel, The Last Bush Pilots, as well as the Code Name Dodger Young Adult Spy Fly series He is a Columnist for Airways Magazine, and his blog Adventures of Cap n Aux is read by thousands worldwide There I Wuz Volume IV is his ninth book his eighth, Yakuza Connection, received Online Book Club s highest rating I freaking love this series Steve Thorne, pilot videographer, Captain Eric Auxier is not just a pilot, he is an aviation author, ambassador and legend Not just one of the rare breed of expert aviators who flies the big jets, but one who opens the bullet proof cockpit door and welcomes us into the most technically advanced, risk laden, yet safest profession Captain Richard de Crespigny, author, QF32...

Title : There I Wuz! Volume IV: Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky (Volume 4)
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There I Wuz! Volume IV: Adventures From 3 Decades in the Sky (Volume 4) Reviews

  • JR_justJR
    2019-02-16 23:46

    I am not a pilot, but that is irrelevant for enjoying this book & series. Anyone with a love for aviation and/or the art of flying will find stories in these volumes to entertain and make you think. For the typical passenger, stories like these help to give us a peek behind the locked door that exists between us and the men/women who wear those 3 or 4 stripes on their uniform shoulders. By the way, the story about losing an engine during a takeoff from the high altitude Mexico City airport, surrounded by mountains, with a plane loaded full of passengers and fuel, is... amazing.

  • Karlene K. Petitt
    2019-02-19 04:27

    All Cap'n Aux books are awesome and each with a unique flavor. But this volume with the people, might be my favorite. What's better than reading the stories of real people of aviation. And who doesn't want to know the story behind the flight attendant who decides to end his career with a couple beers and a slide to freedom? So many stories and all equally great! I also have an article in this volume, with an extremely important issue of terrorism of another kind. This will be one of those books that you'll buy many of, and gift them to your friends!

  • Biggles NZ
    2019-02-04 02:23

    Cap'n Aux has done it again with stories that will uplift, thrill,educate and inform you. Some great tales covering a wide spectrum in aviation. A great read.

  • Ron Budnick
    2019-01-31 21:47

    I read this book before it was published as a proofreader and one of the featured articles. I so enjoyed reading all the other stories from the other authors and featured people. Every story was so fun and enjoyable to read. I kept flipping through the pages as I read every word. Cap'n Aux has put together a great selection of stories that totally kept my's always fun and inspirational to read others aviation interest, challenges and journey in this industry and profession. Such a delight...thanks Eric! Keep up the great work and keep writing about yours and others aeronautical adventures whether by book or blog! Fly safe buddy.

  • Jen_Niffer
    2019-02-15 01:32

    Eric Auxier rocks it again with engaging storytelling and a knack for selecting compelling contributors. From rousing adventure to thoughtful introspection, this book has something for everyone. A definite must-read! (And if you haven't read the other books in the series - check them out! You'll love them too.)