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The secret to happiness is to acknowledge and transform suffering, not to run away from it In No Mud, No Lotus, Thich Nhat Hanh offers practices and inspiration transforming suffering and finding true joy.Thich Nhat Hanh acknowledges that because suffering can feel so bad, we try to run away from it or cover it up by consuming We find something to eat or turn on the television But unless were able to face our suffering, we cant be present and available to life, and happiness will continue to elude us.Nhat Hanh shares how the practices of stopping, mindful breathing, and deep concentration can generate the energy of mindfulness within our daily lives With that energy, we can embrace pain and calm it down, instantly bringing a measure of freedom and a clearer mind.No Mud, No Lotus introduces ways to be in touch with suffering without being overwhelmed by it When we know how to suffer, Nhat Hanh says, we suffer much, much less With his signature clarity and sense of joy, Thich Nhat Hanh helps us recognize the wonders inside us and around us that we tend to take for granted and teaches us the art of happiness....

Title : No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering
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ISBN : 1937006859
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Parallax Press 1 edition December 2, 2014
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No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering Reviews

  • jack sherman
    2019-02-27 04:32

    I have read all of TNH's books. this is the best. because it is a most practical and to-the-point book--one can use this wisdom to overcome suffering, anger, and other negative emotions. this includes everyone--even those of us, like myself, who feel "unenlightened" most of the time. it seems that--as he nears the end of his most inspiring life--TNH has no time left to expound on tangents and flowery metaphors--though i have enjoyed his previous works immensely--this book cuts to the core--fast. there is so much wisdom condensed in a small book. I have read so so many books on overcoming life's big problems. this is the most practical guide i have ever read. Thank you TNH!!

  • JenG
    2019-03-07 08:43

    Covers much the same material as in Thich Nhat Hanh's other works, but more organized and comprehensive. This makes it a lot easier to use, and I found it to be his best book yet.

  • Margy Surber
    2019-03-02 03:33

    This book was given to me by my brother immediately following the sudden death of our 38 yr old son. The reading is gentle enough that I can read bits and pieces throughout the day and continue to function. After reading about half of it I realized my son needed this book so I ordered it.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-20 08:50

    I bought this book for a friend who is somewhat incarcerated presently. This book brought him peace in his heart. My friend can't wait to read it a second time, but has lent it to some of his new friends who also happen to be somewhat incarcerated presently. Very grateful - this book delivers solace even under unfortunate situations.

  • Marissa Hutsell
    2019-03-11 05:46

    I purchased this for a friend who was going through a really rough time in her life and I could tell it changed her outlook on life. Sometimes you don't know what to say to someone to make them feel better. In this case the book did it for me. Whenever either of us are struggling she still quotes "No mud, no lotus" years later. If you or someone else is going through a tough time I would recommend this book.

  • Eddie Coyle
    2019-03-17 10:54

    "Oh my happiness, oh my happiness." - Badhiya

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-18 08:30

    I would recommend this book to anyone that is having trouble being grounded due to the stresses and busy-ness of life. It gives helpful techniques to help us focus, concentrate, meditate, pray.

  • Manuel Soto
    2019-03-17 10:47

    That has a way of reaching the reader that I have never sensed. It is as if you are sitting next to an old friend. This book teaches and advises the reader on dealing with the day to day grind of modern life. It teaches us how to embrace suffering and not run away from it. A true gem for modern living.