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While Washington contemplates first strikes against those nations unilaterally identified as the Axis of Evil and said to be stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, this controversial and timely book proves that the United States itself has been the most notorious practitioner of chemical and biological warfare since blankets laced with smallpox were given to Native Americans 250 years ago.The editors of this book, William Schaap and Ellen Ray, are two prominent U.S authorities on the CIA This well documented book backgrounds several cases of development and use by the United States of chemical biological warfare, from Agent Orange in Vietnam to the Gulf War syndrome of the 1990s.In their introduction, the editors offer an up to the minute analysis of current events concerning the issue of biochemical weapons and the war on terror Among the contributors are Robert Lederer WBAI Pacifica Radio journalist Tod Ensign director of Citizen Soldier and veterans rights advocate Dr Meryl Nass expert on anthrax and biological warfare who has testified several times to U.S Congress William Schaap and Ellen Ray were co founders of Covert Action Quarterly, the authoritative magazine which has been a multiple award winner of Project Censored prizes for its decades of groundbreaking investigative reporting William Schaap is a New York attorney, who has worked with the Center for Constitutional Rights, and has testified as an expert witness on the CIA and intelligence matters in Congressional and UN hearings, as well as federal, state and foreign courts Ellen Ray is an independent documentary filmmaker and was a consultant for Oliver Stones JFK....

Title : Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars The American Way
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Publisher : Ocean Press 1St Edition edition April 1, 2003
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Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars The American Way Reviews

  • Paul Lappen
    2019-02-19 14:00

    One of the official reasons for the invasion of Iraq and the creation of the "Axis of Evil" is because of their supposed stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction. This short book, composed of previously published articles from CovertAction magazine, shows that America has the world's biggest stocks of such weapons, and has used them many times in the past.

  • Harriet M. Elliottt
    2019-02-22 21:50

    This book is dense. If you're looking for a critical viewpoint, this book has it. I would have been naive if I were not Group Stalked as explained by David Lawson at [...]. Although Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way says it all, more recently the intelligence agencies figured out a way to make conservatives marry us social activists! The CIA can electronically rape a man, who doesn't know he has been electronically stimulated. Instead, he thinks he is attracted to the woman he is next to. I had no romantic dates for 15 years. Without plastic surgery, I now have dozens of men flirting with me. This is the work of the CIA!