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Combines cognitive psychology with Zen, Taoist, and Vedic practices to empty the mind Explains how eliminating external stimulation can alleviate stress and anxiety for a calmer state of mind Details meditation practices, such as open awareness meditation, contemplation of Zen koans, and Vipassana meditation, and explores methods of digital detox Draws on classical yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism as well as cognitive science to explain how and why to fast the mindStop planning, stop comparing, stop competing, stop thinking, and just breathe deeply for a minute Our undivided attention is something we are rarely able to give for reasons ranging from digital overload to the cultural conditioning of equating busyness with purpose Just as you might choose a fast from eating to detoxify the body, the best way to overcome this modern mental overload is to periodically fast the mind.Drawing on the spiritual philosophies and meditative practices of classical yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, Jason Gregory explains how fasting the mind directly impacts your habits and way of being in the world to create peace and calmness in your life as well as allow you to build a firm psychological defense against the increasing bombardment of distractions in our world Applying psychology and cognitive science to samsara the cycle of suffering created by our attachment to the impermanent he explains how overreliance on the rational mind causes imbalances in the autonomic nervous system and suppresses our natural spontaneity, feelings, and intuition When we are unable to relax the mind deeply, we enter a destabilizing state of stress and anxiety and are unable to liberate the true Self from the impermanence and limitations of the material world Sharing Zen, Taoist, and Vedic practices to help you empty your mind and gradually restore your natural rhythms, the author shows how to give the mind time to truly relax from stimulation so it can repair itself and come back into equilibrium He details simple meditation practices that are easy to implement in daily life, such as open awareness meditation and contemplation of Zen koans, as well as the advanced techniques of Vipassana, a Theravadic Buddhist discipline centered on seclusion from all worldly stimuli He also offers methods for digital detox and ensuring a good nights sleep, a major support for healing cognitive impairment and restoring a state of equanimity.By fasting the mind we strip away the distractions and stresses of modern life and return to our original nature as it exists deep within We become consciously awake in every moment, allowing us to feel the real beauty of the world and, in turn, to live life fully, authentically, and peacefully....

Title : Fasting the Mind: Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox
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ISBN : 1620556464
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Publisher : Inner Traditions 1 edition June 13, 2017
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Fasting the Mind: Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox Reviews

  • Michelle
    2019-01-23 15:51

    The world can be a chaotic place. When I get wrapped up in the existential terrors of existence, this book- like an old friend- is always there for me. "Fasting the Mind" is one of my favorite guides for clearing out the attic. Jason writes very matter-of-factly, identifying the root of the problem, the causes, and what you can do about it. This book offers sensible solutions based on ancient wisdom that have cleared valuable space in my mind. I'm excited about the endless possibilities of what will pour into my life from emptying my cup.

  • Marshall Malone
    2019-01-29 11:29

    This book came to me at the perfect time in life. My life is busy and I don't mean that to brag. My career, my young children, my responsibilities, and much more have all of my mind much occupied and this book (along with Jason's other work) has opened up my mind to be able to find peace with it all. Everyday is a challenge and if I could find a way to provide for my family without living within the confines of the Western societal system, I would leave it all behind. Fortunately, this book helps find peace in an overstimulating world.

  • Nikola
    2019-02-14 18:32

    Came into this book with a cellphone addiction, which was the reason why i bought this book. It made me realize alot of things about how wasteful of time i have been.

  • jorge
    2019-02-02 13:29

    "Fasting the mind" The best book I have ever read about .."Who we are...and What is our purpose in life" Jason explains this topic so clearly and so deeply.. To live a mindful life and to enjoy the present is all that that matters, and Jason shows us the way to do it. "Fasting the mind" is not easy, takes a lot effort and commitment,, but is very rewarding. I highly recommend this book for all those who sincerely look for improving their life.

  • Ian Love
    2019-02-15 13:41

    We all know that meditation is the key to inner peace yet, we ignore that fact and continue to allow ourselves to be bombarded by the chaos this digital world so generously offers us each-and-every day. It is no wonder we experience overwhelm, stress, anxiety, exhaustion and illness. Seeking peace is not a new concept. The answers to finding peace are not new either and they are rather simple. Jason takes us on an historical journey in his succinct and informative book: Fasting the Mind. If you are truly looking for fulfillment, if you are seeking peace and purpose in life, if you want to get rid of the chatter in your mind and turn off the outside world, then this is the book for you. Overall well-being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual will come together, in balance. You will notice you’re much calmer, less reactionary, able to maintain stability, and when you feel the corners of your eyes and mouth begin to turn upward – AH, yes . . . THAT! We already are what we are striving so desperately to become – all we need is a little help in getting out from under the cloak we’ve each created for ourselves. Fasting the Mind is the key. Read and Do.

  • Gary Goldberg
    2019-02-08 17:45

    Jason Gregory was interviewed by me on my radio show, "In The Spirit" recently about his book, "Fasting The Mind." I've had him as a guest previously about his past work, "The Science of Humility." I've long had an interest in 'Bhakti Yoga, the science of surrender. Jason does a

  • Peter Roth
    2019-02-06 11:42

    Jason Gregory has provided a wonderful opportunity to understand the battle of the mind and its misguided attempt to control our progress. This book truly helps us discover how to “not know” the illusions the mind presents. I’m so glad to learn that mindfulness is the opportunity to surrender from the mind, not to the mind. This is a wonderful book to win back our lives and live in more peace. There are so many insights here to learn how to follow our organic patterns and become so much more aware of our true natures.

  • Lyndal Pope
    2019-01-30 17:46

    I absolutely loved this book! After completing my yoga teaching training recently this book resonated so clearly. With yogic philosophy interwoven this book is the perfect 'go to' to keep me on track with my mental, physical and spiritual health. Very easy to read and draws from some of the great masters of philosophy such as Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley. Thank you Jason Gregory for compiling this well written and easy to follow book. I will be recommending it to everyone I know and we will be offering it to our yoga community in Melbourne.