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A comprehensive guide to the must know wines and producers of California s new generation, and the story of the iconoclastic young winemakers who have changed the face of California viniculture in recent years.The New California Wine is the untold story of the California wine industry the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir and the continuing battle to move the state away from the overly technocratic, reactionary practices of its recent past Jon Bonn writes from the front lines of the California wine revolution, where he has access to the stories, philosophies, and techniques of top producers In this groundbreaking debut, Bonn paints an unflinching portrait of the current state of the industry its strengths and shortcomings, its essential wines and those not worth pursuing Lush full color photographs, as well as a region by region tour of some of Californias lesser known growing areas, reveal the people and places behind the bottles Finally, a comprehensive purchasing reference lists all the must know producers and their best wines, making The New California Wine an essential resource for finding and buying the very best the state has to offer....

Title : The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste
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ISBN : 1607743000
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Ten Speed Press 1st edition November 5, 2013
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The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste Reviews

  • Ed Hafer
    2019-03-28 11:53

    Jon Bonne goes about explaining the current state of California wine by focusing on the move away from what he calls "Big Flavor" in this engaging and thought provoking read. Running through his engaging prose is a strong point of view, a point of view that Bonne pulls no punches in expressing. His favored producers (Ridge Vineyards, Calera, Littorai) are given great praise for their willingness to buck the Big Flavor band wagon, and Bonne pulls no punches in heaping scorn on wineries he feels lost their way in producing Big Flavor wines (resulting in some uncomfortable criticism of some of our cellar jewels like Sea Smoke, Aubert, Harlan, and Bond).

  • brandon s gillis
    2019-04-23 15:02

    Over the past several years, Jon Bonne has emerged as one of the most insightful and compelling voices in the world of wine. His writing for the San Francisco Chronicle has often focused on finding and trumpeting undiscovered (or forgotten) gems, frequently from his home state of California. In The New California Wine he goes even deeper, exploring and introducing us to a wide variety of regions, vineyards, and producers who are continuing to show what is possible in California wine.

  • VM
    2019-03-26 10:11

    The New California Wine is an exceptional and comprehensive narrative on the California wine industry's past, present, and future, and includes a reference guide to a generation of winemakers interested in exploring CA's abundant history of farming vineyards and CA's terroir. It also includes many producers who may have been criticized by the press- such as Ridge or Corison, but emerged as an alternative to what Bonne calls "Big Flavor." The first 70 pages fly by- Bonne's style of writing is easily digestible even though it contains some serious technical information on farming, biodynamics, and winemaking philosophies. Bonne relies on the narratives of several 'leaders' of this 'New CA wine' to weave together a comprehensive picture of history, winemaking and farming practices, and terroirs of CA - both forgotten and new. The final section, a reference guide to producers organized by grape variety, highlights those farmers/winemakers/producers who are seeking out ancient vineyards and grape varieties or pioneering new places, and those who eschewed high alcohol, highly-manipulated styles to make more balanced wines. Many names are likely familiar. I'd recommend this book for anyone who loves CA wine now or has abandoned CA wine for Old World styles of wine, as well as for anyone who wants to learn about CA and wine in general.

  • Louis Leal
    2019-04-13 12:14

    Jon Bonne's assessment of recent trends in the wine industry was refreshing to read. For almost ten years I have seen the steady increase in alcohol along with over-extraction from grapes in California wines. The reds moved from plum to prune in flavor, so that the varietal character was lost in the wines. It was impossible to know a Pinot Noir from a Cabernet. Expensive wines became burger wines at best. Food friendly wines they were not. Even whites fared badly. I remember tasting a Sauvignon Blanc at a winery where the alcohol bite prompted me to check the label. It was over 15%. I hope the positive change in California winemaking Bonne describes develops quickly.

  • Daniel Collins Williamson
    2019-04-17 12:50

    An excellent book for anyone interested in the wine industry in California.

  • Douglas A. Patterson
    2019-04-04 06:53

    What is exceptional about this book is that Jon Bonné does not just talk and write, he walks-the-walk in the vineyards, in the cellars, in the dining rooms, with the vintners, with the grape growers, with the wine experts and critics, and supports his thesis that real innovation mostly comes from the smaller producers. So what? That may be no surprise. But he also says that the industry can not rest on its laurels. It needs those innovators for California to remain successful in the future. The competitors are not sleeping. Then he has you meet the people that are doing these innovative, interesting, thought provoking research and experimenting. Then he looks to the future. You have to read the book to see the story unfold and decide for yourself his conclusions. He sold me.

  • Laura
    2019-04-08 12:52

    I found myself agreeing with the authors assessment of the California wine industry and am encouraged by the wineries that he interviewed who are deviating from the emphasis on doctoring wines and actually exhibiting their uniqueness via the growing process. Hopefully, we will see more evidence in Terrior and not the conformity to the big bold wines and manipulations.

  • Lisa M. Mattson
    2019-03-30 11:00

    I've worked in the wine business for 18 years, and I found it a very intriguing, fun read. Jon has a great voice that really draws the reader in, and the book includes a fair amount of facts and history sprinkled with scenes of his experiences hanging out with these new pioneers in California winemaking, which I think is a refreshing change from most wine books.