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Women Before 10 a.m., Vronique Vial s first powerHouse monograph, exploded in bookstores the world overselling some 29,000 copies to date, and garnering the author two appearances on Oprah Now we have its companion volume, Men Before 10 a.m Too , featuring delightfully intimate moments Vial shared with scores of stars, including never before published photographs of Antonio Sabato Jr., Seth Green, Stephen Dorff, Laird Hamilton, Brennan Braga, Jim Harbaugh, Jackie Chan, Emmanuel Ungaro, Jason Biggs, Michael Rappaport, Patrick Dempsey, Keenan McCadell, and Isai Morales along with Gary Oldman, Peter Falk, Arthur Miller, Robert Altman, Billy Zane, Edward Burns, Brendan Fraser, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Philippe Starck, and many, many The reissue of Men Before 10 a.m Too , alongside its companion Women Before 10 a.m., will launch our Vronique Vial franchise, Before 10 a.m., which will explore a multitude of faces and facets of pop culture....

Title : Men Before 10 A.M. Too
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ISBN : 1576870847
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : powerHouse Books 1 edition October 15, 2001
Number of Pages : 144 pages
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Men Before 10 A.M. Too Reviews

  • JGrathwol
    2019-01-16 16:25

    I, like most Americans, am obsessed with "celebrity". I read the entertainment magazines to see pictures of the elusive star, both shopping at the market and on the red carpet. Vial captures these men in one of the most intimate places; our bedroom, a place reserved only for lovers and the men's children. The men, some unrecognizable by myself, range the gamut. From the uber-intimate (James Franco sitting on the toilet), the comical (Dermot Mulroney cradling a snarling dog) and the sweet (Ethan Embry holding a baby). From their gestures, environments and faces, we hopefully get a better sense of who these men are when the cameras aren't rolling. Their actions are what our men do every day, in this book they're "just another guy." And that's the genius behind Vial's idea; photographing well-known people (who most of us will never meet) doing the things we do; therefore establishing a connection between the every-man and the superstar.

  • The Atomic Fluffchick
    2019-02-07 13:47

    No matter what celebrity drew you to this listing, you should know that this book is well worth having. Any star photographer can assemble a collection of famous people, but only Veronique Vial can bring you something quite like this. What you see, as you look at these images, are people so completely at ease with her -- and the camera's -- presence that they've let their guards down and revealed their most basic, human selves to her, to her camera, and to us. These are the stars before they put their public masks on, and Veronique treats them with enormous respect and kindness, while treating her audience to something we otherwise can never have: an intimate, private moment with our favorite public figures.

  • A. Oberkrieser
    2019-02-10 15:37

    When this book came out about 8 years ago, I was immediately enamored. It's amazing, because even relatively unattractive men are captured in a very flattering light. And the attractive men are captured in a VERY VERY flattering light. This book is so much more interesting than what I remember. Please note: this photo collection will not be of any interest to people who are not interested in looking at pictures of (sometimes half-nude) men.

  • P. A. Mays
    2019-02-09 11:40

    This book isn't worth the money. The only one in it that looks great is Vin Diesel. The rest of the men, well what can you say. I wish that I had not bought the book. I was sadly dissapointed with it.

  • PWL
    2019-01-24 16:25

    not as interesting as the women version.

  • O's Ma
    2019-02-11 15:44

    GREAT picture book for adults

  • Kate
    2019-02-14 12:47

    The book arrived in horrific shape - the binder was torn from the pages and many of the pages were stained with a white crusty substance.

  • Absolem
    2019-02-16 14:53

    Ah. I really know nothing of photography but most of these pictures are at least *ahem* nice to look at. I would have preferred a little blurb from author regarding the taking of every picture (sometimes there is an explanation of a picture, but mostly not), and even more so HOW exactly she got permission from all these men to take pictures of them in bed, in front of the mirror, at breakfast, in the shower, on the toilet (can you imagine though? "Hey let me come to your house and take pictures of you when you probably look your worst, it's for a book. Come on, it'll be awesome."). But yeah, really the thing I find most interesting is finding pictures of actors I now know as fairly famous before it was common to know their name (there's a picture of Adam Scott in here and despite watching Parks and Rec on a regular basis I didn't even recognize him).