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Do you think you know everything about the United States Think again Did you know that tomatoes were once put on trial in New Jersey Or that it s illegal to whistle underwater in West Virginia With these 1,000 facts about the USA, youre guaranteed to discover something you didnt know.From USA history to silly facts about American presidents, from laws you cant believe are laws to facts about U.S inventions, this book is the perfect solution to any moment of boredom It has facts about religion and sports, facts about U.S geography and nature, facts about food and drinks, and facts about language, animals, and American education There are facts about science, facts about the military, facts about modes of transportation, facts about business and money, and facts about how big the United States really is.According to one American, This book of trivia is the greatest thing thats been written since the Nevada state Constitution Did you know that was the longest message ever sent via Morse code telegram With this book of 1,000 trivia facts, youll impress even the most knowledgeable friends you have Use the interesting facts to start a great conversation Pull out the random facts to make someone smile Be the center of any party with all the funny facts youll find in this book Got a pub quiz or trivia night to go to Prepare with this book With this many fun facts about the United States, youll win every time....

Title : The Big Book of American Facts: 1000 Interesting Facts And Trivia About USA (Trivia USA) (Volume 1)
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The Big Book of American Facts: 1000 Interesting Facts And Trivia About USA (Trivia USA) (Volume 1) Reviews

  • Marion Botello
    2019-02-12 13:33

    This is an absolutely great book about all of those unknown trivial things that just were not taught in history class. If these things had been taught in history class it might have been easier to stay focused. I am thrilled with this book and the exciting trivial things I have learned from this book.Would I recommend this book to other people? Yes I would including friends and family..I absolutely think this is great book.I received this book at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own and they are not influenced by anyone but myself.

  • James Herington
    2019-02-13 15:30

    This was a very educational read that I had downloaded to my kindle. If you enjoy facts and trivia like I do, then I suggest you look into this. Bill O' Neill keeps you intrigued with his meticulous research and provides your mind with nourishing bits of information. I guarantee you will enjoy this

  • Josefin johansson
    2019-02-13 16:37

    Another book with awesome facts that I had no clue about! Great and simple read. You can You can read as much or as little as you want. As it's a long list, it's east to just stop if you have to do something. So It's a great read for my busy scheduele.

  • Curtis J Poole
    2019-02-02 15:35

    the book of facts and trivia very interesting. I was reading about facts and trivia I never heard of which is interesting. I enjoying reading this book.

  • D. Haisten
    2019-01-25 08:19

    Interesting book. A little light on documenting. But, I enjoyed it. For instance, I didn't know that Thanksgiving actually celebrated the ratification of the Constitution, not the pilgrim story I grew up with.

  • Jerald Brewer
    2019-02-01 13:23

    Actually this book has 1002 facts & only one of them is off. It makes for great reading & learning in sprints & if you're planning to take the Jeopardy! entrance exam.

  • Perry B. Alers, aka peebee
    2019-01-16 14:33

    Great book for bedtime.

  • Chris
    2019-02-16 10:23

    Who cannnot be drawn to stop reading interesting trivia facts? Nice selection. Could not put the book down.