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I don t always design travel journals, but when I do they are the kind of travel journals that people throw parades for Cormac Younghusband, The World s Most Legendary Nomad THE BRUNEI TRAVEL JOURNAL has been carefully crafted by the legendary nomad Cormac Younghusband to help make your trip unforgettable, fun and organizedwith plenty of room to help spur spontaneity and document new discoveries This journal can help you plan, live out and record every stage of your journey to Bruneifrom pre trip, to getting there, to being there, to getting home, and afterwards Brunei food is among the world s finest They do this thing with the thing Cormac Younghusband, The World s Most Legendary Nomad The first part of the journal is for PRE TRIP PLANNING and contains sections for important information, a page to write about what inspired you to make the trip, a page to write about the who, where, what, when, how of the journey, a page to make note of your travel companions, a number of pages to organize your travel research Plus, you will find sections for drafting an itinerary and keeping a journey to do checklist The second part of the journal deals with GETTING THERE, containing sections to describe getting there and arriving The third part of the journal is all about BEING THERE There are sections for tracking the stuff you buy and for your daily adventures there are 50 two page daily records to keep notes on day , date, weather, places visited, what happened today thoughts on what happened, the highlight of the day and extensive notes with a handy reminder list of things to write about Because there are about 408,786 people in Brunei, there s also a section to record the names and contact info of the people you meet along the way The fourth part of the journal is for GETTING HOME, that fateful day you depart and the days that follow There are sections for describing your departure, for making your own top 10 highlights lists, a country radar to help you create a signature review of the country, and an afterwards where you can sum up the meaning of your trip When a trip is over, Cormac Younghusband recommends you start planning your NEXT TRIP To help, there is a section where you can make a travel wish list Also included is a COUNTRY BRIEF to give you important info on the destination and a MAP to give you an idea of the lay of the land Plus, at the back of the book there are sections for generic packing ideas, measures and conversions, and pages for notes, sketches, maps and such Find a place in the world you haven t been, and go there Keep on trucking, my friends Cormac Younghusband, The World s Most Legendary Nomad Research Such As places to go explore, places to stay, places to shop must have souvenirs, cultural sporting events to attend, historical religious sites of interest, pubs bars places to party, beaches forests natural wonders to see, parks gardens to wander through, things to eat and drink dining experiences, festivals events to attend, stuff for kids seniors and such, experiences to experience, important local customs, etiquette, laws, and such Why visit Brunei Because, it s there Cormac Younghusband, The World s Most Legendary Nomad WHEREVER YOU RE GOING, YOUNGHUSBAND WORLD TRAVEL JOURNALS HAS THE PERFECT JOURNAL FOR YOU....

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