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Not a great place to visit, and you wouldn t want to live there The Monroes have gone on vacation, leaving Harold and Chester at Chateau Bow Wow not exactly a four star hotel On the animals very first night there, the silence is pierced by a peculiar wake up call an unearthly howl that makes Chester observe that the place should be called Howliday Inn But the mysterious cries in the night Chester is convinced there are werewolves afoot are just the beginning of the frightening goings on Soon animals start disappearing, and there are whispers of murder Is checkout time at Chateau Bow Wow going to come earlier than Harold and Chester anticipated...

Title : Howliday Inn (Bunnicula and Friends)
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ISBN : 1416928154
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Atheneum Books for Young Readers Reprint edition August 1, 2006
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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Howliday Inn (Bunnicula and Friends) Reviews

  • Susie
    2019-02-04 10:58

    When a book begins with an editor's note telling how a dog named Harold scratches on the door on a rainy day to leave a manuscript in plastic. Then he stays long enough to have a doughnut and hot chocolate, you know you are in for an hilarious story. So begins the hair-raising and laughter filled adventure of when Harold and his cat pal, Chester, are boarded at the Chateau Bow-Wow when their family goes on vacation. Just sit back and enjoy the parade of lovable characters and outrageous antics of Harold and Chester as the try to solve the mystery of why animals are disappearing from the "Special Boarding House For Special Cats and Dogs" renamed Howliday Inn by Chester.

  • Jen X
    2019-02-08 15:55

    I got these books for my new 11 year old nieces because I remember reading "Celery stalks at midnight" when I was a kid and I remember that I liked it a lot. They just got some rabbits for their farm so, I thought they might enjoy these books too.

  • gilbertgrape1953
    2019-02-10 11:01

    My family loves all of the Bunnicula books. We think everyone should experience the Bunnicula series. The binding is secure, the cover art is lovely and the story is unforgettable. There is laughter and mystery. The weight of the paper used for the cover is a little thin but for the price we aren't complaining too much. A great buy!

  • Ozzie
    2019-01-29 12:09

    Much loved sequel to Bunnicula. My children asked us to read this over and over when they were young and we listed to it in the car on cd. Sweet and funny story about the relationships between pets in one household. Just gave this as a gift with Bunnicula as well as a cd set of those books and another sequel.

  • WendyKat
    2019-02-16 15:59

    I loved the whole Bunnicula series when I was a kid (and still do), but it didn't maintain interest for my 9-year old son. There are a lot of parts where the characters are just talking. If your child doesn't need constant action to stay interested, these are really amusing and clever books. If, however, your child needs something exciting happening every other page in order to stay engaged, this is not the book for him/her.

  • Tammy Stathelson
    2019-01-18 17:10

    Any book that makes my son say, "Can I go ahead and read the next chapter?" is a hit with me. I read Bunnicula when I was a little girl and it thrills me that my son is enjoying it as well. We have two cats and a dog. My children talk as if the animals were actually talking through them all of the time. Harold the dog and Chester the cat are very entertaining animals indeed. Chester reminds us of our own "know-it-all" cat. He is convinced he is right and Harold is along for the ride and sometimes it gets a little bumpy. Great book for the 8 - 10 year old or the young at heart.

  • Santa Barbara Mom
    2019-02-12 12:04

    We bought this to go with a CD of the books being read, and the whole family got a kick out of listening in the car. The big bonus is that our second grader enjoyed following the story as she heard it by reading along in the books. The reader on the CD is actor Victor Garber and he does a great job. CD includes three Bunnicula books: Bunnicula, Howliday Inn, and The Celery Stalks At Midnight. Not scary...the bunny may or may not be a "vampire" but even if he is, what the family cat suspects he is doing is sucking the juice out of vegetables, so no people or animals are hurt in the production of this story...

  • Dan
    2019-02-10 10:10

    Kids loved it