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Ruby is an increasingly popular, fully object oriented dynamic programming language, hailed by many practitioners as the finest and most useful language available today When Ruby first burst onto the scene in the Western world, the Pragmatic Programmers were there with the definitive reference manual, Programming Ruby The Pragmatic Programmer s Guide.Now in its second edition, author Dave Thomas has expanded the famous Pickaxe book with over 200 pages of new content, covering all the improved language features of Ruby 1.8 and standard library modules The Pickaxe contains four major sections An acclaimed tutorial on using Ruby.The definitive reference to the language.Complete documentation on all built in classes, modules, and methodsComplete descriptions of all 98 standard libraries.If you enjoyed the First Edition, you ll appreciate the expanded content, including enhanced coverage of installation, packaging, documenting Ruby source code, threading and synchronization, and enhancing Ruby s capabilities using C language extensions Programming for the World Wide Web is easy in Ruby, with new chapters on XML RPC, SOAP, distributed Ruby, templating systems, and other web services There s even a new chapter on unit testing.This is the definitive reference manual for Ruby, including a description of all the standard library modules, a complete reference to all built in classes and modules including than 250 significant changes since the First Edition Coverage of other features has grown tremendously, including details on how to harness the sophisticated capabilities of irb, so you can dynamically examine and experiment with your running code Ruby is a wonderfully powerful and useful language, and whenever I m working with it this book is at my side Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks...

Title : Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide, Second Edition
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ISBN : 0974514055
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Pragmatic Bookshelf 2nd edition October 11, 2004
Number of Pages : 829 pages
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Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide, Second Edition Reviews

  • Shane O'Sullivan
    2019-03-13 18:48

    Very well written and comprehensive primer for Ruby. Knocking one start off because this was the top result when I searched for it, leading me to buy it, but there are newer editions for later versions of Ruby available that should have been ranked much higher.

  • Gaston Draque
    2019-02-23 18:08

    This is "the book" if you want to learn Ruby. I had my share of the web-search-print-and-try approach to get a taste on Ruby, and after reading this book I can say I haven't been so pleased to learn a programming language in a while.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-15 17:02

    I dont have a lot to add here other than what the subject saya - having worked with multiple other languages (including perl) this book is a good reference and start point to get to know the basics of ruby before getting started on rails and such (if you want to know the basics of ruby behind it, which many rails manuals fail to address), like what and why and how a :symbol works in magical ways :) I read the first few chapters in full, then using it as a reference now.

  • E.R.
    2019-03-09 21:14

    Sometimes it is nice to be able to thumb through a reference book. Like when you have been staring at the computer screen for the past 8 hours trying to figure out a complicated programming problem. This book is well organized, has verious levels of detail for differnt skill levels. It covers a wide scope with sufficient examples.

  • Computer Engineer
    2019-03-19 14:17

    I found this book to be very informative. I am new to Ruby however I have read many other programming books. This book is comprehensive a very good guide for examples for code and most of all the book is laid out in a very comprehensive way. I had no problems finding code concerns that I had and needed to understand. This book is for the serious Ruby programmer.

  • Ugo Cei
    2019-03-02 17:15

    I finally decided to review this book, having read it quite some time ago. The reason I waited this long is that I feared I wouldn't have been able to provide a fair assessment of the merits of this book. My problem is that, nowadays, I get easily bored reading yet another programming book. And a book entirely dedicated to a single programming language was bound to bore me infinitely.

  • D. Rust
    2019-03-20 22:11

    New to Ruby, got this one on the cheap because it's so old. Just ordered the newer one and I think that will fix the problems that seem to exist with the code samples. I'm sure they worked at the time it was released.

  • Scott Lembcke
    2019-03-20 16:15

    I'm not sure how much the times have changed, but I got the second edition of this book on pre-order. At that time it was a fantastic references. It told me everything I ever wanted to know about the Ruby language. From the nice tutorials at the beginning to the excellent language and API reference toward the back. It even goes into some of the nitty gritty implementation details and has a chapter on writing C extensions.