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God s plan for everyone who professes the name of Christ, both men and women, includes hospitality No one is exempt, from pastor to people An open heart, open hand and open home is God s divine design to open the hearts of people everywhere it is practiced Hospitality connects the heart of God and the heart of true ministry for every believer, yet something dramatic has happened in our hearts, closing the doors of our homes, causing Christianity Today to ask, Whatever Happened to Hospitality What about your life Do you have an open heart, open hand and open home to others to strangers The Apostle Paul reminds we must all be given to hospitality Pastors and leaders must be lovers of hospitality And the Apostle Peter declared, The end of all things is at hand use hospitality without grudging Here is hidden power reserved by God for those who dare to practice it It is PERSONAL, it is PRACTICAL, and it is PROPHETIC The Power of Hospitality will change your life, your family, your congregation yes even your city and your world if your will let it Chuck and Kathie Crismier...

Title : The Power of Hospitality: An Open Heart, Open Hand and Open Home Will Change Your World
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ISBN : 0971842825
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Language : English
Publisher : Elijah Books March 25, 2004
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The Power of Hospitality: An Open Heart, Open Hand and Open Home Will Change Your World Reviews

  • Bobbie J.
    2019-04-21 23:21

    Good information here, but the author repeats himself way too much. This book could have been more condensed.

  • Younggrandma
    2019-03-30 05:09

    The author makes the case that we as Christians need to open our houses to others around us in warmth and hospitality. I got the feeling he felt we all had to do this which is where I disagree. I lean more toward thinking that we all have unique gifts, and those are what we share with others. Some of us just don't have the ability to open up our houses freely. We serve the Lord in other ways.

  • Sharon Brock Parker
    2019-04-18 00:00

    I wish the title were different because this title might be too easily dismissed. This is important and powerful information derived from scripture. I believe it is the answer to the question, "What's Wrong With Church and Why Isn't it Working?." The authors emphasize the fact that God is very serious about how 'strangers' are to be treated (we are all strangers really) as well as the fact that New Testament scripture makes being given to hospitality a requirement for every elder, deacon, overseer, and member of the Body of Christ--not a nice-to-have. This hospitality is not what we think of secularly as entertaining/amusing (turn the TV off), it is opening your heart and your home to your family, your neighbors, believers,'strangers' because you honor them and value them and truthfully, we need them; this is the way God designed for us to touch the world--with the priesthood of the believer rather than the clergy/laity model we have had going on for ages in which we try to manipulate our loved ones into 'going to church' because we seem to think that equates to an intimate love relationship with the Lord and only the Pastor knows about the Lord and the Scriptures. We ignore this in the way we do church currently at what detriment to the fruitfulness of the body of Christ?

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-16 03:08

    In the THE POWER OF HOSPITALITY, the Crismiers contend that hospitality may just be the key to revival in America. Contrary to what some Christians believe, hospitality is not a gift reserved for the few, the Crismiers explain. Rather, it is a loving responsibility every believer must practice with an open heart, an open hand, and an open home. In doing so, Christians can reach across ethnic barriers and reach the world for Christ. The Crismiers include an impressive list of helpful, practical ways to fulfill this God-given mandate which had me reaching for my silverware to invite someone over! Eileen Rife, author of JOURNEY TO JUDAH, Book one in the Born for India trilogy,[...], 

  • Sarah Luthi
    2019-04-09 02:12

    This book is a great addition to the at home library. I got some great insight on Hospitality and the power that it can create. The bringing of people together and the change it can make in your life and the lives of others. A must read for all.