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This third revision of a now classic text is most complete compendium of Astrological Body Types available anywhere This volume delights readers with over 80 illustrations and detailed descriptions by the author accurately depicting the archetypal Zodiac Sign Types, Planetary Types, Elemental and Modal Types Character, appearance, vocational suggestions plus numerous example personality types are included for each sign and planetary type Substantial appendices are included on the physical effects of Lunar Nodes the famous Mars Redhead research project and the Four Medical Elements A listed Dave s Top Ten book by genre at The American Center for Astrology The award winning author is well known for her exceptional books on Medical Astrology and Vocational Astrology This classic favorite is a steady sale in book shelves frequented by astrological readers...

Title : The Astrological Body Types Face, Form and Expression (Revised and Expanded Edition)
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ISBN : 0945685211
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Stellium Press Revised, Expanded edition January 22, 1997
Number of Pages : 217 pages
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The Astrological Body Types Face, Form and Expression (Revised and Expanded Edition) Reviews

  • D. Beck
    2019-01-30 18:00

    Great book & very informative!

  • Librax2
    2019-02-04 17:55

    This book provides the information it promises. The illustrations are amazing!

  • xul
    2019-02-21 12:49

    In additional to basic family, tribal and racial frameworks, the authoress lists in Table 2 on page 35-36 no less than 12 astrological factors reported to co-determine physical appearance, some of them with 'bewares'. No flow chart is included.

  • Andrea Gehrz
    2019-02-21 14:07

    As a teacher of astrology, I refer students to many books on the subject of astrology, but I can heartily say that this book is one of my favorite astrology resources of all time. The long lost study of astrophysiognomy is resurrected here in this wonderful creation. Astrology comes alive when we can see the charts expressed through the physical form. The illustrations are uncannily accurate, having been drawn by the author herself.

  • Goldenmaple
    2019-02-02 17:53

    A brilliant work by a masterful Astrologer who's clearly researched the topic thoroughly! Fun illustrations drive her points home. Another classic, must have in a student's library.

  • Janis
    2019-01-31 14:09

    This is an outstanding title. Frankly, just nothing quite like it anywhere.

  • J. Margalith
    2019-01-22 14:45

    There is so little innocence, passion and authenticity out there. This book has it all. I dare anyone who picks it up not to find something insightful and delightful in it. The illustrations are so lovingly drawn and somehow succeed in relating the ideas contained in the book better than photographs ever could. The reader gets a real sense of how astrological placements reflect how we look and use our bodies. I found this, along with Hill's book on medical astrology especially useful in furthering my understanding and appreciation of how the chart describes face and body types. I recommend this book highly, it's a real gem.

  • M.J.R.
    2019-01-22 14:06

    Judith Hill's unique book provides great insight into how the planets and signs impact our appearance. After reading this book, I have been able to look at people in a different way, seeing the astrological influences on their physical form. I recommend this book to anyone who loves astrology, both professionals (very useful for your practice) and astrology lovers alike.