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Second Volume in Massad Ayoob s series on Gunfighting for Police Advanced Tactics and Techniques....

Title : Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun
Author :
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ISBN : 0936279117
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Police Bookshelf December 1, 1992
Number of Pages : 198 pages
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Stressfire II: Advanced Combat Shotgun Reviews

  • Eliot Plath
    2019-04-16 00:06

    Most of what you'd read in stressfire-- well, when stressfire was written, that's probably the only place you would be able to find information of this type. But today-- really--- youtube and various other gunblogs not only have the same principles and explanations, but they're doing it with better photography and more recent, relevant information.

  • Stephen H. Poor
    2019-04-24 04:03

    The only reasons this doesn't get 5 stars are: 1) The book has numerous typos and similar errors, as noted by other reviewers, and 2) The author spends much less time than I desired on discussing ammo selection and terminal ballistics. After all, terminal ballistics are the biggest reason to choose a shotgun.

  • Burton Houck
    2019-04-23 01:08

    I've read just about everything out there on tactical/defensive shotgun, and this one is among the best. Lots of info on the terminal effects, lots of info on real-world use, and plenty of little tidbits that fills in the blanks from other books on the scattergun. I like the way he covers tactical stances and movement and have modified my drills on the range as a result. I now practice dropping into and moving out from the combat crouch instead of always going to the kneeling position to return fire or after taking cover. I've also experiemented some with the carry and presentation methods I use and am now trying to shoot more from my weak side, and doing so using vertical and horizontal objects for stability. There are a lot of little things like that I've not read elsewhere, and that's one of the things that make this text so valuable.

  • M. B. Dodson
    2019-04-08 01:00

    As with all of the titles by Massad Ayoob I have read to date, I am very impressed with the content, style, and tone of this book. There are differences between skeet, trap, bird hunting, game hunting, and self defense. While I never mastered skeet and trap and haven't hunted since I was in my twenties (I'm way past that now) I am still interested in being able to defend myself and my family. This book was recommended to me and initially I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was solely a "cop" book. Not so -- while directed towards the police training crowd, it also covers all of the things the individual needs to know about self defense.

  • gazzadelsud
    2019-04-26 00:08

    very clear, very useful. The photos are a lot more graphic than I was expecting.

  • Comet Cowboy 46
    2019-04-22 01:13

    Good Book, Excellent read. I would recommend this book for inexperienced home defenders.

  • Will
    2019-04-22 20:58

    Great! Thanks!

  • Ben
    2019-04-21 03:50

    It's a great book that is a little dated but still holds a lot of truth. You can reread it several times and still learn something new.