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align left In the mid 1980s, Bob Roberts was a successful dentist, stunt flyer and racecar driver While undergoing marital counseling he was fascinated by the psychological process and pursued his own doctorate in psychology Intrigued by the community building work of M Scott Peck, Roberts doctorate research consisted of applying and testing Peck s community building model in an environment where it seemed only a distant possibility the prison system It was there, in Louisiana s Dixon Correctional Institution, where Roberts life was forever transformed, as would the lives of hundreds of inmates and former offenders What started as a literacy program evolved into sessions of shared soul searching, group therapy and a celebration of the prisoners roots Although prison officials sabotaged his project, Roberts went on to found Project Return, the most successful aftercare program for former offenders in the country Aimed at breaking the cycles of addiction, crime and violence, Project Return is the only prisoner rehabilitation program in the country funded by the U.S Department of Justice This memoir is Roberts adventure into his heart and his conscience It explores the darkest terrain of violence and human suffering, and the brightest terrain of redemption, human dignity and hope It will leave readers deeply inspired, encouraged and impassioned in awe of the human capacity to survive and recover from cruelty and hardship....

Title : My Soul Said to Me: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice
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ISBN : 0757300642
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Publisher : HCI February 1, 2003
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My Soul Said to Me: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice Reviews

  • Carl Reddick
    2019-01-23 02:45

    Heartbreaking in its simplicity and insight, Dr. Robert's journey is one every tax-paying American should take. From his personal committment, establishment of Project Return which pushed his career in radically different directions, to his work with indiginous populations, Dr Roberts casts himself as very much the student. This is a position very few 'civilians' have experienced. I know. I'm just finishing my 30th year in law enforcement.. This is must reading for professionals and citizens alike. You will finish this book as a changed person.

  • Kathleen Murphy
    2019-02-07 00:42

    This is an inspirational true story about a decision to make a difference. I highly recommend it.

  • Suza Francina
    2019-02-03 23:31

    People like author Robert E. Roberts give me hope for the human race. "My Soul Said to Me" is an outstanding book that deserves widespread readership by all segments of society. I highly recommend it to anyone concerned about breaking the horrific cycle of violence that our current prison system perpetuates. It is well established that our prisons are training camps in degradation and corruption and that conventional solutions to crime and violence have failed on all fronts. Robert's personal account of his journey behind the walls of justice and his relationship with inmates demonstrates a bold step forward toward a more humane and enlightened prison system. Excellent companion reading to this book is "Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic" by James Gilligan, M.D., a prison psychiatrist for 25 years. I hope Oprah invites both these authors on her show and gives these books the exposure they deserve. --Suza Francina, Mayor, City of Ojai, California, author, "The New Yoga for People Over 50" and "Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause."

  • Thomas R. Smith
    2019-02-05 22:45

    Bob Roberts enjoyed a financially comfortable career as a dentist in Shreveport, Louisiana, but the fact that he was simultaneously working as a stunt pilot in his spare time seemed to indicate a craving for challenge his settled life wasn't satisfying. Flying a lawyer friend to the Lousiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Roberts saw first-hand the human degradation and desperation existing in such places. He recalls:

  • Victor M. Moss
    2019-02-16 20:29

    MY SOUL SAID TO ME intimately engages you in the vision and mission of transforming the criminal justice system into a contributing and restorative justice power for good. Currently the system costs billions, destroys lives, and inflicts more pain than healing on everyone in United States. In his own life's journey, Bob Roberts shares "keys to open the doors" of the prison industrial complex in ways that can solidly change lives and communities in a pro-social, cost-efficient,and collaborative manner. The reader is captured by Robert's life and work and how he has impacted thousands of people to become contributing citizens. Clearly, the replication of his project could help tens of thousands of lives. It is said, "an educated consumer is our best customer." Today the American public is the consumer that needs educating. This book, if read by the masses, can shift the correctional industry into an evolutionary and restoring direction, as well as, personally impact the life of every reader. MY SOUL SAID TO ME is an inspiring journey of life, love, community, and commitment. I am recommending this book to everyone. People (offenders,staff,families) caught in the quicksand of the criminal justice system most often live in a culture without hope or "a way out." To paraphrase the book, could there be a greater vision or mission than to give hope to someone that he or she is still valued as a human being? Bob Roberts gives all of us, the hopeless and the hopeful, hope. Audre Londe's words best describe Robert's philosophy at every crossroad in his life: "When I dare to be use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid..." In Robert's story of life you will find the truth applies to all aspects of our life and to all people in our society, even those in unlikely places. I share his call for a return to community.