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Eric Brown went to Germany in 1939 on an exchange course, and his first experience of the war came when the Gestapo arrested him, not knowing he was an RAF pilot The rest is history He is the only man alive to have flown every major and most minor combat aircraft of the Second World War as well as all the early jets , and has been interviewed by the top Nazis While testing the Nazi jets in war stricken Germany, he interviewed among others Hermann Goering and Hanna Reitsch A living legend among aviation enthusiasts, his amazing life story deserves to be told in fullfrom crashing in front of Winston Churchill to unmasking a Neo Nazi ring in the 1950s to his terrifying flights in primitive jets and rockets....

Title : Wings on My Sleeve (Phoenix Press)
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ISBN : 0753822091
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Publisher : Phoenix September 1, 2007
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Wings on My Sleeve (Phoenix Press) Reviews

  • Electric Eclectic
    2019-04-20 00:24

    Captain Brown died a few years ago at the age of (I believe) 97. His two books Wings of Luftwaffe and Wings of the Navy are very key resources for anyone interested in planes used by Germany and Great Britain in WW2. Brown was one of the best and certainly the most experienced test pilot in the world and set the record for both number of planes flown and number of traps (carrier landings). His modesty and humor are demonstrated repeatedly in this book. He was lucky several times but he was always careful and prepared. He also had a feel for an airplane that he is very good at translating in his writing. In one case, he warned another experienced test pilot of his perception of weakness in the empennage (basically the tail assembly) of a German plane (I think the He 162) being tested after the war. However, the other pilot used excessive rudder and was killed during a landing approach. When I started reading Brown's books some 20 years ago, I saw very little about him in the U.S. There is now a well produced documentary about his life. This autobiography is a good read and covers Brown's experiences over a career of many years. Brown was also fluent in German and his comments on his interviews with several famous Nazi officials (including Goring) are also valuable.

  • Flying Photographer
    2019-03-30 22:07

    In this book, Captain Brown is sitting next to you and telling you the incredible story of his life. While his writing style will probably not win him any prize (being the most decorated FAA pilot in history he certainly doesn't need any!), the book is written in an easy to follow conversational style. It is just amazing how flying 8 different aircraft (mostly prototypes) in one day can be part of your daily routine, and that's what Captain Brown did for many years. To say he is a walking encyclopedia of aircraft in the 1939-1970 period would be an understatement, and he has the distinction of being one of the very few who have flown almost all mayor types in WWII of any air force - that is not only UK, but also US, Germany, Italy, Japan...

  • Food Lover
    2019-04-09 02:03

    If you are in aviation, have been in aviation or have an interest in aviation, this is a fascinating read. It helps to understand some aviation terms to fully enjoy the book and it's told in event by event form rather than story form. Eric Brown has flown more types of aircraft and made more carrier landings than anyone and the man is still alive. After you read his flying adventures you'll wonder how he lived through them. His interviews of captured German staff is eye opening and gives a great insight into their political beliefs and loyalty to their leaders. The pictures of unusual WW II aircraft alone are worth the purchase of the book. It's a little pricey for a paperback but it's a book you'll likely want to keep for reference. I'm a former career pilot and picked up a lot of previously unknown, to me, aviation history. After reading the book I believe that Eric Brown is likely the most talented and luckiest pilot to ever live. And he lived at precisely the right time and place(s) to experience the age of aviation.

  • Brian Hunt
    2019-04-08 21:17

    Eric “Winkle” Brown started his professional career in 1940 in the British Fleet Air Arm. His first ever carrier landing, at the age of 21, was as a member of a small group of pilots testing whether it was possible to operate on a modified banana boat with half the landing distance of a purpose-built British aircraft carrier and half as many arrestor wires. His career continued in that vein for the next thirty years.

  • Avid Reader
    2019-04-01 02:11

    Eric Brown lead a fascinating life as a test pilot. He'd flown hundreds of different types of aircraft and goes into great detail about the different planes he'd flown. Sometimes he glosses over what sound like very dramatic incidents in an abrupt way. This can be a little disconcerting however he's done so many interesting things and under so many different circumstances that this is one of the most interesting books about aviation I've read.

  • david perkins
    2019-03-25 23:23

    He was an amazing pilot, a pilots pilot. Anyone who has taken the controls in an aircraft will be delighted with his descriptions of World War II, and his test flying of some 400 different types of aircraft. Get the hard cover version if you can, as the soft cover version is extremely poorly bound, but if on the soft cover is available, its still well worth getting.