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A revealing look at work environments that lead to greater loyalty and an increase in productivity Exploring the premise that the best way to attract and retain people, and their knowledge, will come from designing environments that turn today s increasingly virtual workplace into an attractive place for people to spend their time, Management by Design Applying Design Principles to the Work Experience shows how the principles of design can be successfully applies to the work experience, making it a rewarding and productive Reveals why the application of design to the workplace experience can improve the employee employer relationship Why increased morale and employee loyalty start with a great work environment Explains why it is important than ever to manage work experiences, especially with the projected work shortages in the coming decades Other titles by Rasmus Listening to the Future Why It s Everybody s Business This innovative book helps managers and executives connect the dots between employee retention, positive brand expression, and lasting stories that reflect well on an organization....

Title : Management by Design: Applying Design Principles to the Work Experience
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ISBN : 0470227516
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Wiley 1 edition December 7, 2010
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Management by Design: Applying Design Principles to the Work Experience Reviews

  • Ranaldos
    2019-02-20 05:05

    Great information, but very sadly, does not yet support Users who need accessibility features! If this statement is untrue please inform me how to improve this use. Thanks.

  • Kirstin E. Martin
    2019-03-09 09:08

    First of all, I have to disclose that Daniel is a client of mine. That being said, he was a friend and colleague before being a client. Daniel was a thought leader at the Giga Information Group where we worked together, creating innovation value for many clients. His specialty was knowledge management and collaboration, which eventually lead to him becoming our VP of Strategic Knowledge Initiatives (read CKO). The thinking behind Management by Design isn't new for Daniel. Although writing it down may have taken him three years, this book is 30 years in the making. Daniel has woven threads of experience that stretch back to the beginning of his career. Daniel observes and mulls and reflects. This book is the ultimately reflection, and extended dialog about how the value of a good workplace environment. Daniel agonizes over these issues, and he works through the details in a painstaking way, even though he claims not to be a detail person. In some areas, he is very detail oriented. He may not care about processes that don't matter, but he really cares about those that do. I am very proud to have an association with Daniel and with this book. I hope you can all take it for what it is: a thoughtful idea by a thoughtful person. If it makes you think, even a little bit, then it is well worth the money you will spend on the book. And if you keep up with Dan's blogs and website you will probably see an event soon where he can engage with you directly. Bring a copy of the book. Talk and get him to sign it. I'm happy I can help connect Dan with his readers.

  • Brett King
    2019-02-26 05:51

    Rasmus attempts not only to describe the problem of management, but to propose solution building a very new way. Empowerment of the 'worker', as Rasmus denotes, is a key shortfall in today's management practices. As we move to more social interactions, digital connections, the cloud, third-party relationships and distributed management models, the concept of top-down hierarchical management quickly breaks down. In this book, you are forced to think about new ways of enabling employees within the business, new ways of thinking about connections between individuals in the business, and how to reward those connections that produce positive output.

  • Thomas J. Martin
    2019-03-20 06:02

    Rasmus wants everything to be co-created. That may be a stretch for many, but it is a worthy and achievable goal for all.

  • chris pellegrino
    2019-03-04 09:53

    Management by Design isn't light reading, but it is intriguing reading. You can almost feel Rasmus grabbling with the ideas as he writes the text. This is not something you find in the lighter management books that tend to moralize through fables and stories. This book helps people think about their work experience in a new way, and hopefully some of those people are managers and executives. As much as this is an exploration of ideas, it is also a book of advocacy for the everyday worker, many of whom feel disenfranchised by the companies they work for. Rasmus firmly plants his feet in the ground and demands that organizations think about their most complex, and most valuable asset, in a respectful way. If you read Management by Design, you will find ways to actively pursue a better relationship between the organization and its employees that doesn't involve rock climbing or falling into each other's arms: it's called dialog Rasmus creates a new way to facilitate that dialog.

  • Rob Salkowitz
    2019-03-08 05:06

    "Management by Design" challenges leaders to think about their organizations and their missions in new ways. Instead of looking purely at functional processes, Dan Rasmus suggests applying aesthetic principles such as balance, simplicity and integrity to the workplace. He points the way forward to a new vision of work that is elegant, collaborative, and productive in ways that add true value for both the employer and the worker.