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Writing instruction stands at a crossroads Efforts to define and then assess the key qualities of writing have helped pinpoint what outcomes matter most and how to measure them, yet they threaten to become an end in themselves Meanwhile, high quality instruction seeks to create a safe environment that applauds risk taking by supporting students through strategies that are not readily measured In this landmark book, Vicki Spandel takes on the immeasurable, opening an exciting discussion about the conditions writers need to achieve their full potential and offering practical applications for any writing classroom In The 9 Rights of Every Writer Spandel invites nine published authors into a discussion of what makes writing work Well known novelists, researchers, science writers, and teacher writers join this dynamic conversation, and together they draw vital conclusions about teaching strategies that both lead to growth in craft and allow good teaching to flourish Join Spandel and friends in discovering the personal and instructional importance of reflecting finding personally important topics going off topic personalizing the writing process writing badly to unearth and clarify meaning observing other writers at work assessing constructively and well experiencing structural freedom unearthing the power of each writer s voice As you will discover, The 9 Rights of Every Writer weaves the philosophical into the practical, offering powerful, ready to use lessons that jumpstart the progress of the writers in your classroom and help them reach writing standards Harness your passion for writing instruction, let go of rigid practices, and balance the needs of maturing writers with today s classroom realities Read The 9 Rights of Every Writer, learn to trust your teaching instincts, and concentrate on what matters most creating an instructional setting where writers can achieve success that soars beyond what can be measured....

Title : The 9 Rights of Every Writer: A Guide for Teachers
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ISBN : 0325007365
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Publisher : Heinemann 1 edition July 1, 2005
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The 9 Rights of Every Writer: A Guide for Teachers Reviews

  • Lake Family 2
    2019-04-09 05:09

    The 9 Rights of Every Writer was captivating and informational to me as a senior in an education program. This book is not like a textbook because it is written in a narrative format, which makes it easier to read. The points that the author makes are not repetitive information of material I have read in other textbooks.

  • Jessica Colvin
    2019-04-21 23:25

    As a future educator, I am still in the process of building my repertoire of writing strategies that I can use with my students. Vicki Spandel’s The 9 Rights of Every Writer has been an exceptionally valuable resource, providing me with greater understanding regarding the struggles that students encounter when writing, and how teachers can scaffold their students to help them grow as writers.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-11 01:16

    What do you know about writing? Perhaps, your response would be that it is a straightforward process with no room to deviate or—if you were one of the lucky ones—you may say a freeing, continuous process. If you view the writing process as a prescriptive, one size fits all approach, the book 9 Rights of Every Writer will shed some light on the flexible, individualized nature of the writing process.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-02 23:13

    “The 9 Rights of Every Writer” was a required reading in my education program, so when I ordered it I wasn't expecting much more than an average textbook. However, I was pleasantly surprised by a book that was not only easy-to-read, but also offered an insightful look at writing in the classroom.

  • Jeannie Dinning
    2019-04-19 02:10

    I took a course on teaching writing this summer, and rather than your standard dry textbook, our professor had us buy this one. Now understand that this was a course for teachers already teaching, and this book stopped us in our tracks. It refutes everything you've ever learned about writing. One of the "rights" listed was the right to write badly. Another was the right to get off topic. The incredible thing about this book is, it backs up those unconventional thoughts and offers enough proof to convince even the most resistant minds. Even if you're not a teacher, and you like to dabble in writing, this book is extraordinary. My fiance actually read it after I did and loved it.

  • Jennifer Hutchinson
    2019-04-12 00:14

    The copy sent to me did have some negative notes of the previous owner, but that is the only flaw of the book. Spandel's writing is passionate and creates an urgency for the reader to teach writing in a different way.