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Clears up misconceptions about tennis and demonstrates the fundamentals, including forehand, backhand, serve, service return, lob, volley, half volley, and doubles play...

Title : Tennis 2000: Strokes, Strategy, and Psychology for a Lifetime
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ISBN : 0316105031
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Little Brown Revised, Subsequent edition July 1, 1998
Number of Pages : 284 pages
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Tennis 2000: Strokes, Strategy, and Psychology for a Lifetime Reviews

  • Clarence D. Walsh
    2019-02-27 04:30

    There is no other book like this about tennis.. This book dispels all of the myths of tennis and clarifies the right way to play the game. I have taken many lessons and have found some conflicts with the Braden teachings and some of the pros. Always, I have tested both of the methods and found the Vic Braden method to be correct.. I don't understand how anyone interested in a better tennis game would not want to read this book. My foundation of strokes is now so strong that the pros I drill with think they have been the major influence in the improvement but actually this book has made me my own coach. Thank you Vic Braden. You have changed tennis forever and helped my personally.

  • Jim
    2019-03-04 07:52

    This is the definitive guide on learning model techniques. It covers grip, swing and body positions on every stroke there is. Obviously difficult to expalin movement in two dimensions on paper and for that I would give the book a B-. Keep in mind though that model techniques is all that the book covers. For the vast majority of players out there elementary or standard techniques are more appropriate. Bio mechanically efficient techniques take much more time and commitment and energy to learn, let alone execute in compeition, and require cetain physical and mental prerequisites.

  • AdamSch
    2019-03-07 07:56

    If Vic Braden's name is on it, you should read it. He is one of the top tennis coaches in the world. This book is very helpful.

  • Shaun Niemeyer
    2019-03-03 08:51

    Best tennis technique book i have read. Focus is on generating consistent stokes by using easily repeatable form that reduces the number of necessary adjustments and "touch". Has significantly improved my backhand.

  • Blank
    2019-02-24 09:30

    Still a very timely book, even for today's tennis player

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-03-15 02:54

    awesome book! must read for all tennis coaches/enthusiasts.

  • Bob Visser
    2019-03-10 05:50

    It covers both fundamentals of the game and includes theory and explanation of most strokes. A really good read for people that love the game!

  • Samuel Goldberg
    2019-03-16 05:46

    Misinterpretations of facts, very old ideas.